Deep See Traveler 850, rolling dive bag

Deep See Traveler 850 Medium Roller Duffel Bag

After many years the sea finally won and my old dive bag fell apart. The Aqualung Deep See Traveler 850 is a giant upgrade and my back thanks me.

Every 10 years or so, if I picked well, a dive bag dies on me. It is the natural order of things for a bag stuffed full of heavy, wet from the sea, gear that keeps you alive. In the '90s I'd been using a large Pelican case but it is too unwieldy and I grew tired of cutting or hurting myself on the heavy duty clasps. My last bag was a giant, durable duffle that killed my back until, after many years, the strap finally tore loose and I needed to go shopping.

Typically, I will just buy the most durable looking bag I can find. This time I specifically wanted to make things easier on my back. The worst/hardest part of scuba diving, to me, is the schlepping of gear, a roller duffle that'd be easy to get on and off of boats would be a boon. The Aqualung Traveler 850 is perfect for me. Padded to protect the gear, made of high quality nylon with a rigid back and great wheels, the Aqualung lets move move a lot of heavy stuff around quick.

Finally, I found a bag with fin pockets that make sense. The Traveler 850 uses the fins to add additional wall strength to the sides of the bag. I was easily able to fit my stainless steel backplate/wing, 7mm wet suit, dry suit (not the undergarment,) boots, booties, masks, snorkel, 2 sets of regulators, save-a-dive kit, fins, lights in the bag easily. It all felt snuggly tucked in and nothing was damaged as the gear was moved vehicle to vehicle. I rolled the bag over gravel, decking and sand. Sand was not great.

The zippers are of good quality and everything feels super rugged. At $180, it isn't cheap but I expect years of service. I paid slightly more than this as I bought it directly from my favorite LDS, Bamboo Reef. This was the bags first voyage and I'll report back in a few weeks, to see how it holds up after a few more trips.

Deep See Traveler 850 Medium Roller Duffel Bag