Human photographer goes ape over monkey photo decision

macacaWikimedia says a photographer's request to pull a lucrative photo of a monkey from Wikipedia is bananas. The monkey in the photo picked up the photographer's camera and pressed the camera shutter button herself, so the photographer has no claim to the image.

[British nature photographer David Slater] now claims that the decision is jeopardising his income as anyone can take the image and publish it for free, without having to pay him a royalty. He complained To Wikimedia that he owned the copyright of the image, but a recent transparency report from the group, which details all the removal requests it has received, reveals that editors decided that Mr Slater has no claim on the image as the monkey itself took the picture.

Mr Slater now faces an estimated £10,000 legal bill to take the matter to court.

Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as 'monkey owns it'

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