Review: Hibiscus Berry chocolate bar

chocolateSan Diego's Eclipse Chocolate Bar and Bistro make excellent confectionary, and in my capacity as a part-time chocolatier I had the pleasure of sampling their latest weird flavor, "Hibiscus Berry," before it headed to retailers.

The bar is 85% dark, with blueberries, raspberry, cherry, goji and candied hibiscus. Myself, Rob and our friend, David Mizejewski, each sampled a section.

Heather: It isn't very bitter or acidic for 85 percent. The berries really balance with it nicely. But I am not always a fan of florals in my chocolates. Drink? Needs a spiced port, or perhaps a stout. The finish is smooth as well.

David: I really get the notes of fruit when I take the first bite. A hint of vanilla as well. This is super-good.

Rob: I ate a flower.