Post-apocalyptic landmarks

Digital paintings for a remastered cut of zombie game The Last Of Us depict what becomes of famous places in its grim but curiously appealing postapocalypse. Above, London's long-disused Battersea Power station pressed back in action as a human redoubt. [via] Read the rest

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a "dance dance roguelike"

Explore procedurally-generated dungeons, collecting loot and slaying monsters, to a beat. Time to unfurl that dance pad! [] Read the rest

Ghost impostor fined

A British man was charged with "behavior likely to cause distress" after visiting Kingston Cemetery, where, according to prosecutor Tim Concannon, "He was throwing himself backwards, waving his arms about and going 'wooooooo'". via Read the rest

97p shop slashes tags to 95p in price war with 99p shop

Richard Green took this shot of discount stores on an ultra-competitive high street in Barking, England. Given the greater purchasing power of a pound, one assumes prices could fall quite a ways before attaining true American "dollar store" minimalism. Read the rest

Pagans infiltrate UK far-right party

Excellent work: "The Wells Ukip branch chairman Graham Livings also quit his post, claiming that the Somerset party had been ‘infiltrated’ by ‘devotees of the occult’ based around the alternative community in Glastonbury."

Update: DUPE. Read the rest

Flight of the Concordes

2003 saw the end of the supersonic passenger jet age. Here's why the Anglo-French aircraft is such an inspiration to my work.

The Dummies' Guide To Cosplay Photography in 2014

Andy Ihnatko's golden rule about photographing cosplayers: You must never do anything that makes the cosplayer wish you hadn't taken that photo.