Former NSA spook resigns from Naval War College in dick-pic scandal

John Schindler was a prof at the College; he slammed Snowden as a traitor and compared Greenwald to Hitler, and was generally dismissive about concerns about network surveillance; he also sent pictures of his dick to a woman who wasn't his wife. He also co-wrote the report that stated that Sadam Hussein had WMDs, and helped send America to war. That was a lot worse than dick pics.

In June, a text message conversation with "John Schindler" at the top circulated widely on Twitter. The picture was accompanied with the message: "Got this?" It has not been revealed of who posted the text message conversation.

A college spokeswoman, Cmdr. Kelly Brannon, refused to disclose the inquiry's findings. She told The Washington Times that Schindler was notified of the results in late July.

Snowden critic resigns Naval War College after online penis photo flap [David Kravets/Ars Technica]