Doraville SWAT team's online video says everything about U.S. police militarization

Catchy tune, Doraville SWAT.

Radley Balko writes:

The continuing crisis in Ferguson, Mo., has everyone talking about police militarization again. So while we’re on the topic, have a look at the horrifying video above from Doraville, Ga. The video depicts a SWAT training operation for a downed officer. At least as of this writing, the video was posted on the front page of the Doraville Police Department Web site.

The song is Die Motherfucker Die by Dope; the flashing eagle logo is the SWAT operator insignia; the skull is from vigilante comic The Punisher. The incredible psychic fantasy running through their heads is, at least, belied by the mundane reality of how they justify their ridiculous Armored Personnel Carrier: to help trucks get out of the snow!

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