Scarfolk: creepy blog will be an amazing book

Discovering Scarfolk is a book-length adaptation of the brilliantly creepy Scarfolk Council blog, which chronicles the government publications of a English town that is forever trapped in a loop from 1969-1979, a town that's like Nightvale crossed with Liartown USA, written by John Wyndham.

Richard Littler, the creator of Scarfolk, has a mad, grotesque genius for the creation of manufactured antiques from his alternate reality, a blend of design fiction and wry commentary I haven't seen since the heyday of Futurefeedforward. The book looks to be absolutely genius, and it comes out on Oct 16. You can support Littler by pre-ordering now, ensuring a healthy print-run.

Here's some recent Scarfolkiana:

Junior Will and Testament:

"Severed Up" Psychic Advertising (1978):

"Get Angled. Not Mangled" Public Information (1973-1979):

Discovering Scarfolk