Sticky Monsters – Magnificent monster drawings on Post-it notes

At first glance, I assumed John Kenn Mortensen’s ghoulish images were storybook illustrations that were originally drawn on large sheets of paper. Then I read his tiny introduction and discovered that these magnificent monster drawings are simply (and complexly) doodles on Post-it notes.

Born in Denmark, Mortensen is a director of kids’ TV programs, but in his spare time he enters a black and yellow world in which monsters loom over unwitting humans, and it’s hard to tell whether these monsters are hungry for human flesh or whether they just want some mischievous fun. A cross between Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak, Mortensen’s art is both eerie and playful, dark yet adorable. Although I love the whimsical nature of his medium, it would be great to see what he could do with a few square feet rather than a few square inches.

Sticky Monsters, by John Kenn Mortensen

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Ark Royal, scifi adventure about a ship and its motley crew

Ark Royal is just the kind of science fiction read I was looking for! It follows one of my favorite themes: the broken down captain sent to the backwaters of the galaxy to lead a bunch of burnt-out losers into obscurity on a ship regarded as junk.

You know this story, we've seen or read it before. It is a great one. Christopher Nuttall's twists and turns do it justice. The Ark Royal is a once proud, now decayed, symbol of the British Royal space navy's past. With a crew that has been wholly written off and a captain who likes to drink, you can be sure the alien menace that suddenly appears is unstoppable.

Ark Royal is a space opera! I was frequently reminded of original Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Wars, before they tried to ruin it. I'm looking forward to the second book.

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Whole new vibe at today's Ferguson protest. And by vibe we mean less tanks, guns, tear gas.

After broad condemnation for heavy-handed, violent response to mostly peaceful protests--including President Obama--authorities in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson have changed their approach to protests.

Documentary of over fifty prolific artists

Bob Self of Baby Tattoo says: "Photographer Allan Amato has spent the past two years photographing renowned artists then asking them to transform the images into a self-portraits of-a-sort. The hybrid imagery is intriguing and insightful, and the creation of this "visual dialog" between photographer and fine artists is the subject of a documentary currently raising funding on Kickstarter. The finished pieces will be published by Baby Tattoo as an art book (which is one of the Kickstarter rewards), but there a a number of other nice rewards as well." Read the rest

Why "Drunk Tank Pink" is a poor paint color choice for your baby's bedroom

Our guest for this episode of You Are Not So Smart is Adam Alter, a psychologist who studies marketing and communication, and his New York Times bestselling book is titled Drunk Tank Pink after the color used to paint the walls of police holding cells after research suggested it lessened the urge to fight.

Tips For Being An Unarmed Black Teen

The Onion: "6. Try to see it from a police officer’s point of view: You may be unarmed, but you’re also black." Read the rest

More Ferguson press bullying: 2 National Journal reporters threatened with arrest, blocked by police

"Two National Journal reporters were threatened with arrest and repeatedly blocked from witnessing demonstrations in Ferguson late Wednesday night."

The Ferguson Army: A song by Jonathan 'Song a Day' Mann

"Why’s a small town in Missouri / Need a great big fucking army?"

Dark Dungeons: Seduced by the exotic and sinister world of role playing games

Dark Dungeons is a crowd-funded movie based on a Jack Chick religious tract of the same name. Cory posted about the Kickstarter earlier, and now it's finished. Here's the first 8-minutes. You can buy the full movie for $5. (Thanks, CN!) Read the rest

Video and full text of President Obama's remarks on Ferguson

"Now is the time for an open and transparent process to see that justice is done," Obama said.

Video: Standoff in Ferguson, a New York Times short online documentary

"They're mad. I'm mad. We should all be angry because of what's going on right now." Read the rest

US AG Holder on Ferguson: Police must 'seek to reduce tensions, not heighten them.'

“At a time when we must seek to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the local community, I am deeply concerned that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message,” US Attorney General Eric Holder said today on events in Ferguson.

"Law enforcement response to these demonstrations must seek to reduce tensions, not heighten them. Those who peacefully gather to express sympathy for the family of Michael Brown must have their rights respected at all times. And journalists must not be harassed or prevented from covering a story that needs to be told."


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Live mermaid and other underwater crochet creations

Artist Olek goes deep with an underwater crochet installation off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. More below and at Hi-Fructose. Read the rest

US veterans: Ferguson Police Department’s response is a clusterfuck

More on responses to the police crackdown in Ferguson, MO by U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that the police actions so closely resemble--vets say it's not only overkill, but totally clueless.

All beer labels have to be approved by one guy, and he's a nutcase

A man named Kent "Battle" Martin is the "Beer Bottle Dictator", said to be loathed by the business for his capricious and arbitrary decisionmaking.

Reaching the federal official by phone, Dillman called him “Mr. Martin.” A big mistake: Battle’s predilection for being particular apparently extended from beer applications to his name.

“You want to be addressed as ‘Battle?’” a confused Dillman replied, recounting the story. “Can you imagine addressing a senior inspector from the Department of Treasury, and you have to call him ‘Battle?’”

Their tussle over the bottle cap’s approval eventually sucked in California’s senators, a congressman, and the ACLU before it was eventually resolved. The cap stayed only because it referenced Civil War-era California state lawmaker Abner Weed, the namesake of the town.

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Where people were born, by state

An interactive graphic from the NYT. Above, where people in California were born. Read the rest

Blogging History: Where Twitter spam-accounts come from

One year Where Twitter spam-accounts come from: The spammers were using cheap overseas labor to solve Twitter's CAPTCHAs, registering the new accounts with automatically created email boxes from Hotmail and, and spreading the registrations out across a range of IP addresses, courtesy of massive botnets of infected computers. Read the rest

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