Kickstarting Slap .45, a game from the creator of Cards Against Humanity

Indiecade calls Max Temkin's latest card game "Blazing Saddles meets Egyptian Ratscrew"; it's $35 with shipping.

As you'd expect, it's been playtested and fined down to a fare-the-well. I can't wait to get my deck!

Slap .45 is a simple slap game that captures the feeling of a classic Western shootout.

Each player chooses a unique gang with a special power and attempts to outwit and outslap their opponents. Guns and events are dealt from a central deck, and players must position themselves strategically and use their powers to survive until the final duel.

Each game comes with:


67 shootout cards
42 mini gang cards (for 7 gangs)
7 gang home bases
A custom box and rules

We've been working on Slap .45 for about a year, playtesting and tweaking the rules to make a polished, accessible experience with layers of deep strategy.

Playtesters can't help getting out of their seats and losing themselves in the game – almost everyone who touches it demands a rematch.

Slap .45

(Disclosure: Max Temkin and Boing Boing are collaborating on a future project)