Blogging History: LA water sommelier; Fiji Water's brutal military backers; No-fly for Ted Kennedy

One year

The water sommelier of Los Angeles: Martin Riese is the water sommelier at Ray's and Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Five years

Brutal military dictatorship that backs Fiji Water: Fiji Water isn't just devastating to the environment of Fiji, the planet that endures the cost of shipping it, and the environments of the places where it is consumed. It is also the product of a brutal military regime that monitors all outgoing Internet traffic from the island for criticisms of the water business and immediately arrests people who transmit them, bringing them in for intensive questioning and the occasional prison-rape threat, as journalist Anna Lenzer discovered.

Ten years
Senator Kennedy on "no-fly" list: Senator Ted Kennedy says he was denied boarding on three shuttle flights in one month, because he's on the federal "no-fly" list of terrorist suspects.