Petition: remove child-specific antipersonnel device from Welsh library

The Port Authority in the Welsh town of Milford has installed a "Mosquito" — a sonic weapon that produces tones that are mostly perceptible to children and teenagers — at the library, where it has been used during opening hours.

The Mosquito is an extraordinary device in that it generates tones that can only be heard by a certain demographic — a demographic without the political clout to advocate for itself — and is used as an antipersonnel dispersal tool in public places. Try to imagine a similar tool that only affected women, or men, or gay people, or black people, or Asians, and you quickly understand what a monstrous thing this is. Also, think of the collateral damage to infants and toddlers, who can hear its tones even more acutely than teens, but lack the ability even to articulate the sensation that's causing them distress.

Remove the Mosquito Device from the Library building! It has been active in the day for months, off during the day currently but is faulty and is under human control and so human error so could come on again and cause damage!

The Mosquito device is an audio weapon (youth deterrent) that emits a high frequency noise that can only be heard by young people and those with sensitive hearing.

Remove Mosquito Device/Audio Weapon from Milford Haven Library!
[38 Degrees]

(Thanks, Jon!)