Malaysia Airlines's near-empty planes ply the world's skies, losing $2M/day

Malaysia Airlines, who suffered the unprecedented and tragic loss of two jets this year, is having an understandably hard time attracting passengers; though the circumstances of the two losses do not appear to be related to negligence or anything other than terrible, awful random chance.

The upshot is that the already-struggling airline is lofting increasingly empty planes, hemorrhaging money as it goes. It's a very good time to fly Air Malaysia, assuming you don't suffer overmuch from superstitious dread, as the fares are dirt cheap and your travel agent friends are getting double commission on tickets. And you're likely to get a whole row to yourself and some very attentive (if somewhat anxious) in-flight service.

Malaysia Airlines Is Burning $2 Million Every Day as Flights Go Empty [Jessica Plautz/Mashable]