Motorcycle pants I actually wear

Named after the legendary space battleship that saved Earth from the Gamilas, Dainese Yamato Evo pants are far more comfortable, and far less armored.

I firmly believe in and try to encourage others to observe the ATGATT rule, but pants make it really hard. I've bought pair after pair of kevlar reenforced jeans, armored cordura over pants, and armor you wear under street clothes. It all looks and feels like you're a stormtrooper (star wars, not german.) Most motorcycle 'fashion' companies claim to be trying to make pants look normal and end up with a disaster. Not so with the Dainese Yamato. They look like thin fitting pants.

The Yamato are not the most reenforced pants or a particularly strong material. They are cotton. Internally, there are pockets for "optional" hip and knee armor. You want this stuff. It is a thin, rubbery material that warms up and conforms to your bodies shape. The CE rated armor is firmly held in place by the fashionably thin fitting pants. The pockets all zip to close, and there are some vents for airflow on hot days. Often, living in Northern California, I wear long underwear under them.

I think, should I be so unfortunate to crash test these pants, we'll find the material isn't abrasion resistant. The armor ought to help out. Difference is I do wear these for short rides and can use the motorcycle to get to meetings and events where I want to be comfortable.

I have one set of armor for both black and green pants, there is no reason to buy more. Washing the pants with the armor in does not work. I tried.

Hey! I bought these pants from Anthony at RevZilla! I love their videos and really appreciate their great info. Now, if I can only fit a Wave Motion Cannon on the Triumph.

Dainese Yamato Evo