Kickstarting Openmix: "world's smallest audio mixer"

The tiny, $29 gadget can mix two audio sources with a simple fader, allowing friends to share the acoustic landscape and mix in effects in realtime.

As with all crowdfunding efforts, caveat emptor: the team have a working prototype and a quote for a full production run if they can meet their minimum order, and have some product development background, but this is a much more ambitious project than their previous efforts. But it's a clever and elegant device, and the financial risk is minimal. $75 gets you one in an aluminum case.

Simply by connecting two audio sources to your Openmix and plugging it into a speaker or sound system, you can share and mix music anywhere with anyone! Thanks to a miniaturized audio crossfader, the user can quickly mix back and forth between two tracks or create a smooth transition from the end of one song to the beginning of another.

Openmix, the world's smallest audio mixer.

(Thanks, Gabriel!)