Australian psychedelic designers We Buy Your Kids turn their third eye to science fiction and cult movie posters for a mind-bending new gallery show.

Our hypertalented Australian friends Biddy Maroney and Sonny Day (We Buy Your Kids) have returned to the US with a magnificent show of movie poster re-imaginations opening tomorrow (Friday, 8/29) at Austin's Mondo Gallery. Below, a sneak preview of several of the pieces that are available as limited-edition prints.

The show is titled "Harsh Majical," which Biddy and Sonny say is "a direct English translation of a Chinese description" of their style.

"We felt it might sum up the final outcome, but more importantly describes the fun we've had working
on this collection," they say.

Far fucking out.


Zardoz (18"x24", edition 85)


Flash Gordon: Aura (12"x36", edition 100); Flash Gordon: Dale (12"x36", edition 100)


The Fly (18"x24", edition 100)


Alien (18"x24", edition 100)