Kickstarting a life-sized, cardboard fighter-jet cockpit

It's pretty amazing looking, 1.6m x 1.86m, 0.95m, and accommodates a standard office chair, and works with VR headsets, projectors, or your imagination. Designed for easy breakdown and reassembly, and comes as a PDF (£50) or hardcopy (£300), with lots of customization options, and a kid-sized mini.

The money raised is meant to be rolled back into more cardboard control-cabins: "other types of planes, spaceships, cars, Formula-1, trains, etc." As with all crowdfunded projects, caveat emptor — you may get nothing for your money.

Affordable: compared to other simulator cockpits on the market, Dogfight Boss gives you much more for your money.

Durable: the cockpit's ribbed construction means it'll hold up as you install your joystick, pedals, throttle, LCD display etc…

Lightweight/Easy to Texture: made from cardboard, it's easy to move and any printing company can put high-res textures on it. Other, more expensive cockpits can't say the same.

Customizable: cardboard can be cut in minutes to accommodate gauges, Ipad, lead wires—whatever you want!

Setup Agnostic: works with any displaying solution: projector, multiple displays, Oculus Rift.

Perfect for VR: virtual reality isn't about tons of pricey actual switches; it's about ergonomics. In our cockpit, everything can be put exactly where you need it.

Classic proportion: standard office chair fit means easy cockpit entry and quick take-off.

Quick break-down: cockpit can be easily assembled and disassembled. Everything but the central console is constructed without glue and can be flattened for easy storage.

Jet Fighter cockpit in your living room