The Other Half of the Sky: praise-winning space opera with strong women heroes

Laura Mixon (AKA Morgan Locke) writes, "Check out The Other Half of the Sky, a 2013 anthology of original short stories edited by PhD biologist and author Athena Andreadis, co-edited by Kay Holt of Crossed Genres. It has come out of left field to take science fiction by storm. My own take: I loved this book. Readers hungry for women heroes will gobble up these exciting, original space opera tales with a spoon."

Gardner Dozoisâ's The Yearâ's Best SF 31 included an unprecedented three stories from the anthology: 'Finders' by Melissa Scott, 'Bad Day on Boscobel' by Alexander Jablokov and 'The Waiting Stars' by Aliette de Bodard, an achievement not matched in memory. A fourth story, C. W. Johnsonâ's 'Exit, Interrupted' was chosen for inclusion in The Yearâ's Top Ten SF Tales 6. The anthology placed first on the Locus recommended list in 2013. De Bodardâ's 'The Waiting Stars' also won the Nebula Award, an accolade given by genre professionals to their peers, and was a finalist for the Hugo Award.

Here are some reactions from industry pros:

'This is what science fiction should be!'
— Kim Stanley Robinson, award-winning author of the Mars trilogy and Galileoâ's Dream

"A refreshing approach to the SF short story that's about opening doors, and not closing them….Weâ've been here before, but it never hurts to tell the world again, and show the world again, that women can and do write excellent, challenging and satisfying science fiction.'
— Gwyneth Jones, award-winning author of the Aleutian trilogy and the Bold as Love cycle

"Treacherous, colorful, heartbreaking. Work, play, symbiosis. Survive, evolve, transcend. These stories deserve your time, your attention, your appreciation.'
— Vonda McIntyre, award-winning author of Dreamsnake and The Sun and the Moon

The Other Half of the Sky

(Thanks, Laura!)