Negativland's "All in Your Head": illegal art about religion, packaged in a Bible

The upcoming 2-CD set, the band's first studio album in six years, deals with "monotheism, Christianity,
Islam, Judaism, neuroscience, suicide bombers, 9/11, colas, war, and shaved chimps," and is packaged as CD inserts glued to the inside covers of a "found" copy of the King James Bible.

The album's sound will be familiar to fans, an incredible collage of found-sound, high weirdness, trenchant juxtapositions, and deep weirdness. It's a pretty wonderful physical object, with the band's logo stamped in gold on the black vinyl cover over a UPS sticker that reads "'NEGATIVLAND' DOUBLE CD ECONOMY BIBLE FILE UNDER FICTION" — mind-opening sounds and a beautiful package, a steal at $15.

NEGATIVLAND: It's All in Your Head (King James version)