Great stuff to see before it's obliterated by climate change

There's at least 33 things you should do, see and eat before climate change turns them into sad memories, from Kennedy Spaceport to Las Vegas to the Sydney Opera House.

Take, for instance, the ones found in your favorite cherry pie. Eighty percent of tart cherries come from a single five-county area in Michigan, all of which is threatened. So if the anti-climate change "Save the Cherry" campaign, which was launched in July at the National Cherry Festival, is a bust, look forward to later blossoms, unpredictable cherry harvests, and empty fruit stands, as happened in 2012, when an abnormal freeze-thaw cycle decimated the state's crops.

The 33 Things to Eat, Drink, See, and Do Before Climate Change Ruins Everything [Kurt McRobert/Medium]

(via Kottke)