Blogging History: Heinlein's bed; Normalcy is the future; Survival of the fittest mailbox

One year

Heinlein's bed up for auction: Want to sleep in Robert A Heinlein's bed? The Heinlein Society was unable to find a museum to take this artifact from his home so they are now selling it on eBay.

Five years

Normalcy is the future: She poured a coffee, then touched the breakfast table. "Where are my shoes?" "Your sister borrowed them." "Again? Where is Susan?" "She's downtown now." "Susan! Why did you swipe my favorite shoes again?" "Look at this dress." "Oooh, that dress is darling." "It would look even better on you." "You're right. Get it for me. You can't have it." "Trade you for these shoes." "Let me check that with Henry. Yeah, okay." Karen had another sip of fair-trade coffee. It tasted weird, but it was still hot.

Ten years

: We recently moved to a semi-rural area in Los Angeles. Our mailbox is mounted on a metal pole, probably about an inch-and-a-half in diameter. The previous occupants had piled bricks around the pole, chimney-style, to keep drivers from knocking the mailbox over — or at least punish them by giving their car a bigger dent if they hit it.