Blogging History: This is the Space Age; Steel velcro; Cheney can direct terrorist attacks on USA

One year

This is the Space Age: Annalee Newitz's Stop pretending we aren't living in the Space Age is a magnificent rant on the incredibly achievements of modern space programs, and a savage indictment of the lack of imagination underpinning complaints about the failure of humans to return to the moon in force.

Five years

Steel velcro that supports 35 tons/square meter: Metaklett is a steel velcro-like substance created by Josef Mair and teammates at Technical University of Munich. One square meter of it supports up to 35 tons at temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius.

Ten years
VP Cheney in cahoots with terrorists?: Vice President Cheney is making bizarre threats about a possible terrorist attack unless he and President Bush are relected.