Blogging History: How NSA sabotages crypto; Steampunk rugged corset; Unix on Gameboy

One year

Firsthand account of NSA sabotage of Internet security standards: On the Cryptography mailing list, John Gilmore (co-founder of pioneering ISP The Little Garden and the Electronic Frontier Foundation; early Sun employee; cypherpunk; significant contributor to GNU/Linux and its crypto suite; and all-round Internet superhero) describes his interactions with the NSA and several obvious NSA stooges on the IPSEC standardization working groups at the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Five years

Steampunk rugged corset: Steampunk maker Nifer Fahrion worked with Robynne Winchester of Tulgey Wood Designs to whip up this rugged, construction grade corset to wear at Burning Man with the Man KCrew.

Ten years

Unix on the Gameboy: Gbaunix is a project to port Unix to the Gameboy Advance.