Creator of Reddit's celebrity nude-sharing section upset at shutdown, invasion of his privacy

The creator of r/TheFappening, a section of Reddit used to share nude photographs of female celebrities, hosted an "ask me anything" interview to express his sense of outrage at the fact the site shut it down and that his privacy is being invaded by reporters: "I won't be bullied into silence."

"I am not happy," he wrote when asked about the shutdown of his subreddit. "If they banned my sub on Sunday(or even Monday after we broke the servers) I would be fine with it. But, they made a decision that seems based on what their lawyers say, rather than what is best for the site."

Asked if he felt any guilt at all for creating this subreddit, he replied "No. I created it on a whim and just rode the wave as it went viral. My only regret is that the admins folded to legal pressure."

He assured other readers, however, that he did not personally masturbate to stolen pictures of naked women: "None. I don't fap to celeb pic. I need more than that."