Switzerland reportedly offers Snowden safe passage, immunity from extradition

A report in the Swiss weekend paper Sonntagszeitung states that Snowden would not be extradited to the USA for "politically motivated" reasons if he were to attend hearings on illegal NSA spying.

Snowden currently has permanent residence in Russia. Some machine translated copypasta:

In the document entitled "What are the rules would apply to consider when Edward Snowden would brought to Switzerland and then the United States would make a request for extradition" is the Attorney General concluded Snowden could be guaranteed under the safe conduct criminal investigations. The only obstacle would be "upper-level government commitments". Whether such were available, would have to be examined in more detail, writes the Attorney General.

Even at a hearing Snowden by Parliament U.S. whistleblower protection could be granted. Namely, when his offense, for which the United States wants him hold accountable, according to Swiss opinion "has predominantly political character".

Bun­des­an­walt­schaft eb­net Weg für An­hö­rung von Ed­ward Snow­den [Fa­bi­an Eber­hard/Sonntagszeitung]

(via The Inquirer)