Apple to unveil a wearable device, iPhone 6, and 'a whole lot more' Tue. Sep. 9, 10am PT

Four years have passed since Apple blew our minds with a completely new device. If the rumors about an Apple wearable are true, Tuesday may bring something worth liveblogging about. Boing Boing will be in Cupertino, Tuesday morning for a special live Apple event at which a new, larger iPhone 6 and a wearable tech device unofficially known as iWatch are expected to be released. Read the rest

Starred review in Kirkus for INFORMATION DOESN'T WANT TO BE FREE, Cory's next book

My next book, Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, comes out in November, but the reviews have just started to come in. Kirkus gave it a stellar review. Many thanks to @neilhimself and @amandapalmer for their wonderful introductions!

In his best-selling novel Ready Player One, Ernest Cline predicted that decades from now, Doctorow (Homeland, 2013, etc.) should share the presidency of the Internet with actor Wil Wheaton. Consider this manifesto to be Doctorow’s qualifications for the job.

The author provides a guide to the operation of the Internet that not only makes sense, but is also written for general readers. Using straightforward language and clear analogies, Doctorow breaks down the complex issues and tangled arguments surrounding technology, commerce, copyright, intellectual property, crowd funding, privacy and value—not to mention the tricky situation of becoming “Internet Famous.” Following a characteristically thoughtful introduction by novelist Neil Gaiman, rock star Amanda Palmer offers a blunt summary of today’s world: “We are a new generation of artists, makers, supporters, and consumers who believe that the old system through which we exchanged content and money is dead. Not dying: dead.” So the primary thesis of the book becomes a question of, where do we go from here? Identifying the Web’s constituents as creators, investors, intermediaries and audiences is just the first smart move. Doctorow also files his forthright, tactically savvy arguments under three “laws,” the most important of which has been well-broadcast: “Any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you and won’t give you the key, that lock isn’t there for your benefit.”

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Home Depot admits massive customer payment data breach

US retailer Home Depot today said its payment security systems were breached. Analysts say the data theft might be as massive as the Target incident in 2013. Read the rest

Behind the scenes look at Canada's Harper government gagging scientists

Dave writes, "A request to interview a government scientist about his discoveries on 'Rock Snot' (algae) results in hundreds of e-mails, discussions of allowed talking points and, in the end, no approval for interview. Why? Perhaps because the source of the rock snot might be climate change?" Read the rest

Philips LED light bulb is comically flattened

I replaced all the bulbs in my house with fluorescent bulbs a few years ago, and now I'm replacing the fluorescents with LED bulbs. The best I've tried so far is the Philips 10.5-watt Slim Style Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb ($(removed)), which has 26 LEDs in it. One of my favorite things about it is the shape -- it looks like a light bulb with the air let out. I made a quick video so you can see what it looks like.

Despite the odd shape, the light it gives off is even and steady. It does a poor job with a dimmer, though -- it strobes annoyingly. Anyone know of an LED bulb that you can dim without strobing? Read the rest

Kickstarting Chris Locke's book of post-it note portraits

Christopher Locke (modern fossils, TSA confiscation sculptures, adult coloring book) sez, "I want to hand-draw a few hundred portraits on Post-It Notes, then compile them into a book, so I'm asking people to buy the portraits in order to fund the project: $25 gets you hand-drawn likeness of yourself, arriving in the mail and suitable for framing. The process will help me in teaching middle-schoolers about dedication to long-term projects." Read the rest

Yahoo's Apple Rumor Scoreboard

The clock -- or should I say wrist-based digital life-enhancement technology, for Apple's product roll-out show is ticking and Yahoo Tech has a rumor scoreboard that offers up-to-the-second updates on products rumored to be announced tomorrow. Read the rest

Charles Burns exhibition at SPX, Sept 13 & 14

The great Charles Burns will exhibit his art this weekend at SPX in Maryland, and Pigeon Press will have a signed print for sale there. Read the rest

Sleepy cat hugs a doll

Video Link. Read the rest

How caffeine evolved

At the New York Times, Carl Zimmer examines new research on the genomics of the Coffea canephora plant and the evolution of caffeine: Read the rest

Alameda Sheriff boots reporter from SWAT show for "unauthorized photos"

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Genesis – photo book that acts like a time machine taking you back to the beginning of the planet

I own about 250 photo books. Currently, Genesis is my favorite. It presents hundreds of stunning black and white photos of uninhabited or tribally inhabited regions of the planet made in the last decade by the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado. The whole monster book acts like a time machine taking you back to the beginning of the planet, in some ancient era when humans lived with less materials, or even before humans, when the elements were in charge. The images radiate the primeval, the monumental, the eternal. Because it takes months of living in very primitive conditions for each picture, such a view of the few remaining truly tribal and wild areas will unlikely ever be seen again. This is another way this book shifts time. Gorgeously reproduced by Taschen, the book is a timeless wonder.

Genesis by Sebastiao Salgado (photographer) and Lelia Wanick Salgado (author)

Take a look at other beautiful paper books at Wink. And sign up for the Wink newsletter to get all the reviews and photos delivered once a week.

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Couldn't get it right, Climax Blues Band

Lost, to me anyways, but found again. Read the rest

Afghan Whigs releasing mega-reissue of Gentlemen (1993)

On October 28, my friends in the Afghan Whigs are reissuing their classic album Gentlemen packed with 21 bonus tracks, including almost all the record's unreleased demo tracks, lovingly remastered by bassist John Curley, several B-sides, and three live tracks. A deluxe triple vinyl edition will be available at your favorite independent record store on Record Store Day, November 28. I can't fucking wait.

Above, the video for the title track. Below, a 1994 clip of the Afghan Whigs doing their medley of The Supremes' "My World Is Empty Without You" and "I Hear A Symphony," which will also appear on the Gentlemen reissue! (Rolling Stone)

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Reddit AMA now in app form

Reddit launched its official Ask Me Anything mobile app for iOS and Android. Read the rest

Deer on Golden Gate Bridge

During Friday rush hour, a pair of deer trotted across the Golden Bate Bridge from San Francisco toward Marin. I hope they have FasTrak for the commute back. Read the rest

Video: maker of incredible working model engines

Retired naval mechanic José Manuel Hermo Barreiro makes incredibly intricate models of engines like the V-12. (via Devour) Read the rest

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