Dietary supplement company sues website for providing a forum for dissatisfied customers

Roca Labs sells dubious snake-oil like a "Gastric Bypass Alternative," and their terms of service forbid their customers from ever complaining; they say that committed "tortious interference" by providing a place where disgruntled buyers could air their grievances.

But, you say, PissedConsumer isn't the issue here, right? After all, the company never agreed to those conditions, even if the buyers did agree to them (whether or not they're legally sound). Roca is trying to get around that by arguing that because it has this clause and because PissedConsumer urges angry consumers to complain that the company is "tortiously interfering" with Roca's business because it's encouraging people to break the agreement. I'm not joking.

Defendants deliberately and tortiously interfere with Roca Lab's customers by encouraging them to breach their customer agreement with Roca as Defendants author or co-author false, malicious and negative posts about Roca that are published on their subject website and Twecred to Twitter's 271 million users.

'Dietary Supplement' Company Tries Suing PissedConsumer, Citing Buyer's Agreement To Never Say Anything Negative [Mike Masnick/Techdirt]