Hacker puppets answer your questions about the net

Gus writes, "Two of us who help produce the Hackers On Planet Earth conference and the Off The Hook radio show are starting a new season of The Media Show, our media/digital literacy show; we'd love to invite Boing Boing readers to participate in the crowdfunding and questions for our next season."

They're raising $4700 for 15 episodes, $10 gets you stickers; $25, a tee; $35 a DVD, and there's lots more. Basically, the rewards are just thank-yous, you're really just contributing to an excellent cause: free gonzo educational Internet materials for all!

We're excited about this season! These episodes are going to specifically answer questions people ask Google about how the Internet and media work — found via Google search autocomplete. We'll be directly educating people who are ready to learn, in short, funny videos.

You may have caught our earlier "What is a hacker?" interviews with Mitch Altman and Emmanuel Goldstein.

And I know Xeni retweeted our episode debunking myths about online predators which scare people into keeping their kids away from the Internet.

The Media Show Answers The Internet's Stupid Questions