Blogging History: Fortunes of bankers who tanked world economy; Roy Disney demands Eisner's still-beating heart

One year

After the Meltdown: tracking the fortunes reaped by the bankers who tanked the economy: Documents the fate of the regulators, executives, and firms that were most directly responsible for the subprime meltdown, and demonstrates that the top bankers for firms like Lehman got unbelievably rich due to their failures, and are still in business with lucrative consulting firms (for example, Lehman CEO Richard Fuld walked away with several hundred million in cash and now has homes in three states and a personal consulting outfit).

Ten years
Roy Disney demans Eisner's resignation, testicles, still-beating heart: Hot on the heels of Michael Eisner announcing that he wouldn't resign from Disney for two more years, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold have written a blistering open letter to the Disney Board, calling for Eisner's nuts on a platter: