Toronto Mayoral Race: an endorsement for Olivia Chow

Like many Torontonians, I have been disheartened with the quality of city government, which has been sliding into a right-wing, populist doldrums ever since the amalgamation of the city with its suburban neighbours under Mike Harris, back in 1998; finally, though, there's a candidate for mayor that I can really get behind: Olivia Chow.

I've followed Chow's career closely since the early days of her work on city council -- I even distributed leaflets door-to-door on one of her federal campaigns. She is a candidate with integrity, whose positions follow consistently from a well-thought-out, well-articulated set of core principles based on creating a livable, inclusive city for everyone.

Decades of political service to the people of Toronto leaves little doubt about her competency, consistency, and principle. Her platform is excellent, too.

As an expatriate, I'm not allowed to vote for Olivia or donate to her campaign, but I can endorse her, and I do. I hope that the Torontonians reading this will take the time to read Olivia's platform promises, review her record on keeping her promises, and give Toronto a mayor that the city can finally take pride in.

Olivia Chow

(Disclosure: This endorsement is freely given and was not solicited by anyone, including Chow and her campaign)