World's finest soundtrack reissue labels merge (and 2001's lost score!)


My two favorite soundtrack reissue labels, Death Waltz Records and Mondo, have united, and the vinyl gods are pleased.

Austin's Mondo (also a gallery) released the excellent Drive and Poltergeist soundtracks, among others, and London's Death Waltz Records have been killing it with exquisite vinyl packages of music from Escape From New York, They Live, Halloween III, The Devil's Business, and dozens of other cult classics. Coming soon from the new organization: Nathan Johnson's Looper, Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead's Shaun of the Dead, and Alex North's 2001: A Space Odyssey score that didn't make it into Kubrick's final cut. Hear a bit of it in the video clip below and check out the package designs for that beauty above and below. (My god, it's full of stars.)