Ray Ozzie's new app reengineers the phone call

Ex-Microsoft software genius Ray Ozzie's new mobile app Talko is all about reinventing telephony—voice messages and (gasp) conversations—as a collaborative tool; Steven Levy has the story at Medium. Read the rest

Alien Abduction, a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool

A photograph shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by reader Erik Wilson. Read the rest

The wonderful GIFs of Erques Torres

Don't you wish you could get one of these as a tattoo? But, like, an *animated* tattoo?

Anonymous Gods: The faces of deities captured, and blurred, by Google Street View

Artist Marion Balac has collected images of iconic statues captured by Google Street View, which automatically tries to blur out what it recognizes as a human face to ensure anonymity. Read the rest

Famous cartoonists draw with their eyes closed

From our archives: “In 1947 the fun-loving editors at Life magazine asked the celebrity cartoonists of the day to wear blindfolds and then draw their famous characters. The results are very pleasing.” Read the rest

An epic chart comparing every science fiction spaceship ever

A massive, painstakingly thorough chart comparing the sizes of famous spaceships from TV, film, and games by artist Dirk Loechel. Read the rest

Photos: After historic climate march, arrests and outrage at Flood Wall Street

Today's march follows Sunday's international day of action that drew more than 300,00 demonstrators to NYC streets in the largest single protest ever held over climate change.

New tune from Anamanaguchi, “Pop It”

A new twee tech track by NES-hacker-dreamer-popsters Anamanaguchi. Read the rest

Octobot: robot inspired by octopus

Researchers at Greece's Institute of Computer Science have demonstrated the Octobot, a shoebox-sized swimming robot propelled by eight webbed arms. Video below. Read the rest

Pink Floyd unveils cover art for first studio album in 20 years.

Read the rest

Frogs enjoy watching video of bugs on iPhone

A crowd of froggies gathers, entranced by their favorite television channel.

Blondie: photos from the birth of punk and new wave

Forty years after the formation of Blondie, guitarist Chris Stein unveils his photo archive of the era with a new hardcover book Chris Stein / Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk. Read the rest

Trailer: Big Eyes, Tim Burton's film about the Keane art scandal

Here's the first trailer for "Big Eyes," Tim Burton's forthcoming film about the strange 1950s story of talented artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) whose sociopath husband Walter Keane (Christopher Waltz) took all credit for his wife's incredibly popular and influential paintings. Read the rest

Graphics chip commercial debunks moon landing conspiracies

NVIDIA made an interesting video to market their graphics processing tech by showing how it can be used to debunk conspiracy claims that the 1969 lunar landing was faked. (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!) Read the rest

Lauren Beukes's Broken Monsters

Lauren Beukes's latest crime/horror novel Broken Monsters marries the snappy, hard-boiled cleverness of her 2010 novel Zoo City with the visceral horror of 2013's The Shining Girls and yields up a tale that's as terrifying as it is contemporary -- Cory Doctorow reviews Broken Monsters.

Woman has third breast implanted

Jasmine Tridevil, a massage therapist in Tampa, Florida, claims that she had a third breast implanted to get famous, land a reality show, and become "unattractive to men" because she doesn't "want to date anymore." Read the rest

The internet's population, mapped by nationality

Mark Graham's map reveals that northwestern Europe and Korea are ahead of the pack when it comes to internet penetration, while India, Indonesia and much of Africa lag behind.

The distortion in the map paints a revealing picture about human activity on the Internet. China is now home to the world’s largest Internet population at over half a billion. The United States, India, and Japan then follow as the next most populous nations of Internet users.

Looking at the largest Internet countries, we see two important trends.

First, the rise of Asia as the main contributor to the world’s Internet population; 42% of the world’s Internet users live in Asia, and China, India, and Japan alone host more Internet users than Europe and North America combined.

Second, few of the world’s largest Internet countries fall into the top category (80%) of Internet penetration (and indeed India falls into the lowest category, at

Read the rest

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