New stadium will look like gigantic toilet


We don't often cover sports at Boing Boing, but we do like to keep a lid on scatalogical architecture. Behold the the Golden State Warriors' new 18,000-seater.

CBS's Alyssa Pereira: "at least you’ll have a ready excuse when the team is playing like crap."

The Warriors bought the Mission Bay plot from Salesforce back in April, and since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see the team’s new digs.

Bringing on Snøhetta seemed like a good call. After all, the international firm had previously been tapped to create the new plan for the Piers 30-32 site (which was eventually scrapped because of significant opposition). They clearly have the skill to make buildings not strongly resemble bathroom furniture, so what gives?

Are they messing with us?