Bundle of DRM-free RPGs created by women game-devs

The latest Bundle of Holding features 3 games for $8 or 7 games for $19; all created by woman devs, all delivered as DRM-free PDFs, with 10% of proceeds to Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders (you can also buy a gift-code for a friend).

For just US$7.95, you get all three ebook games in our core collection (retail value $30):

* Awesome Adventures by Willow Palecek (retail price $5): A streamlined and simplified version of Fate optimized for cinematic thrills.

* Cogs, Cakes, & Swordsticks by Lynne Hardy (retail $15): A beautiful game of cracking good adventures in the Empire of Steam.

* A Tragedy in Five Acts by Michelle Lyons-McFarland (retail $10): Five players die ingloriously in their own improvised Shakespearean play.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $18.95, you'll level up and get our entire collection of four bonus games (retail value $44):

Another Fine Mess by Ann Dupuis (retail $9): A missing wizard's animal companions go to his rescue. This classic adventure for Fudge (the ancestor of Fate) appears here in .PDF for the first time anywhere.

* Blade & Crown by Rachel Kronick (retail $10): A full-featured fantasy RPG that balances '80s realism and indie narrativism.

* Cartoon Action Hour – Season 3 by Cynthia Celeste Miller (retail $15): The new third edition of the RPG of '80s Saturday morning action-adventure cartoons.

* Monsters & Magic by Sarah Newton (retail $10): Seamlessly adapt your old-school FRPG adventures to the innovative new-school Effect Engine. From the designer of Mindjammer.

Indie Treasure Trove +2

(Thanks, Rachel!)