Kickstarting a prismatic, hat-brim mounted heads-up display for your phone

The Hattrickwear is an improbable ball-cap designed to mount your phone horizontally along your eyeline with a mirror and prism that keeps your screen in your field of vision all the time.

The hat is somehow balanced to minimize the discomfort (if not the silliness!) of this arrangement. The project's creators promise "HattrickWear will make you the center of attention wherever you go." $100 gets you the hat and its stuff. The creator has no information in his bio about his previous accomplishments, which is my minimum standard for backing any crowdfunding project — if someone hasn't finished anything that can be enumerated, then that person should probably go and do that before asking for strangers' money to do something else.

But it is a magnificently weird idea.

HattrickWear is a cool specially designed hat with an extension where you can plug your mobile phone easily, then utilize its screen and camera through a pair of reflecting prisms. You can easily interact with your mobile by swiping the screen, voice commands and gestures or even by using our simple remote control.

The hat is designed with a unique structure so it balances all the weight around your head comfortably. The prisms are custom-made very light weight and easy to attach and adjust. They're big enough to show your creativity but without bothering your vision. It works with all mobile phones; it opens endless possibilities for you to show your creativity in all forms & formats by utilizing a wealth of apps and APIs available on these platforms.

HattrickWear: The Augmented Reality Hat

(Thanks, Omar!)