Adam Sandler movie plot generator

Sandler is a retired $job, but one day realizes... [Thanks, Jess!] Read the rest

Clown and cop: ridicule as protest

Remy Gabalda's photo for Agence France-Presse of an anti-Sivens Dam protestor confronting a riot cop is the perfect expression of the moral of Jacob Two-Two: the one thing authoritarianism cannot withstand is laughter. Read the rest

Lawyer representing victims of nude photo leak compares Google to NFL

An attorney representing several of the celebrities whose nude pictures were circulated online is threatening to sue Google for allegedly not doing enough to prevent the photos from spreading online. Read the rest

Zombie comedy: Gary Saves the Graveyard

Here's a preview of Gary Saves The Graveyard, a hilarious-looking upcoming zom-com from UCB comedy; the full show features a cameo from my friends' daughter Mette, an adorable child who appears in zombie makeup, growling "It's the last night on Earth, time to live it up, motherfuckers!" (Parenting achievement unlocked!) (Thanks, Phoebe!) Read the rest

Can you spot the difference between the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts science workshops?

"I can't quite place it," writes David Shiffman. Update: The original is at Jezebel: "This Science Museum Has Royally Pissed Off a Bunch of Girl Scouts" Read the rest

New "Badass Yanni" just looks like he's angry at a puppy

Read the rest

Larry "Wide Stance" Craig busted (again)

The former conservative GOP senator from Idaho illegally used his campaign funds to defend himself on charges of soliciting sex in a men's toilet in the Minneapolis airport. Read the rest

How to take the best nude selfies

Nude selfies (nudies? nelfies?) are serious business. Read the rest

100 people may have been exposed to Ebola via first U.S. patient, four are isolated

Four people were quarantined in a Dallas apartment where sheets and other items used by the man were put in sealed plastic bags to prevent infection.

God saved my hamsters

Robin Cooper (aka Robert Popper) calls a religious TV show to express his thanks to the Lord for the healing of his hamsters. The little squeaks at the end are the real coup de grace.

[Video Link] Read the rest

FireChat mobile app powers Hong Kong protests

A suddenly popular mobile tool is helping student demonstrators in Hong Kong route around network censorship. Read the rest

Directors' commentary for "In Real Life"

On the Forbidden Planet blog, Jen Wang and I discuss the origin-story of In Real Life, our graphic novel, which comes out on Oct 14. Read the rest

Smut Peddler, the Money Gun, and home-made ant poison

Our guest for this episode of Gweek is Veronica Belmont, new media / TV host and writer.

Henry Miller Memorial Library's fallen redwood auction

On Sunday, the hallowed nonprofit Henry Miller Memorial Library in magical Big Sur, California will auction off large slabs of old-growth redwood sliced from a 200-foot, 500-year-old tree that fell on the site a couple years ago.

Here's library staff member Mike Scutari recounting the tree's topple:

Read the rest

Hong Kong protests' 17-year-old activist leader profiled in the NYT

In today's New York Times, a fascinating profile of Joshua Wong, the 17-year-old student who has become a figurehead of the Hong Kong protests. Read the rest

Human beings are the gut flora of immortal, transhuman corporations

Read the rest

SF Bay Area: Sunday October 5th, Give Me Fiction

This Sunday, October 5th, Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco is the setting for another edition of Give Me Fiction, the prose reading series hosted by Ivan Hernandez. The first Sunday of every month, some of the finest minds in comedy, literature, and the arts come together to read pieces based on a theme.

This month's theme is Music, and reading will be George Chen, Molly Sanchez, Irene Tu, David Cairns, Alitzah Oros, and DJ REAL, along with a musical performance by Laura Weinbach of chamber pop group Foxtails Brigade. Each GMF is recorded for eventual release, so this is a chance to get your laughter and other audible reactions on the podcast. Last month's show sold out completely, so buying tickets in advance is recommended.

You can get tickets on Eventbrite, RSVP on Facebook, follow GMF on Twitter, and check out the podcast on iTunes, RSS, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Read the rest

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