Tickets for the UK ORGCon on sale now!

Ruth from the Open Rights Group says, "We are really proud of the amazing people Open Rights Group are bringing you as speakers at this year's national digital rights conference."

Join us Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November at King's College London, central London, for a range of fresh voices on issues from Data Retention to Drone Strikes.

Opening with a speech from the incredible Cory Doctorow [ed: dawwwww], other sessions include:

-Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear? (Erin Saltman, Quilliam Foundation; Güneş Tavmen, Turkish Internet rights expert; Eleanor Saitta, nomadic hacker, artist and designer; Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance)

– Free Speech in the UK Update (Professor Andy Phippen, ORG Project Manager, Richard King)

-TTIP on the horizon (Nick Dearden, World Development Movement, Glyn Moody, technology writer; Javier Ruiz, ORG Policy Director)

-Privacy not Prism: Intervening for your rights (ORG's Legal Director Elizabeth Knight and solicitor Dan Carey)

Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Open Rights Group – ORGCon2014

(Thanks, Ruth!)

(Disclosure: I cofounded ORG and volunteer on its advisory board)