Survey of women who left tech: "it's the culture"

Fortune's Kieran Snyder surveyed women who left tech, and finds that "the industry's culture is the primary culprit, not any issues related to science education."

I assured her that her feelings were normal and that much of it would pass. I encouraged her to say no to her manager. I offered to speak to him on her behalf. Although she earned more than her husband did, she quit two weeks later.

That was four years ago, and Sandhya still hasn't returned to the tech industry. She has no plans to. She has since had another baby. Her story has haunted me since. She came looking for support, and I felt like I failed her.

Even GoDaddy–famous for using sexist TV advertising to drive interest in its mundane products–has embarked on an ostentatious reform performance. It'll take a while, Blake!

Why women leave tech: It's the culture, not because 'math is hard'