Kickstarting a new double album from the wonderful Marseille Figs

I've written here before about the marvellous, versatile, eclectic London indie band -- and now I'm delighted to support the Kickstarter for their new double-album.

Dorian from the Figs writes,

We've been working on it for a couple of years, and it’s grown into a 21-track double CD/LP with musicians from far and wide. It's about half way there, and we're now looking to raise £10,600 (and some) to finish up the recording and get it out. It will come out next year as a series of 4 quarterly EPs followed by a physical release. If we get enough money we’ll make a lovely gatefold 180gm double vinyl version too, which has us all drooling with anticipation.

Although it started as a Figs project, due to various diaspora, it's now mainly Mole with input from everyone we've ever worked with and more. It’s being released as MOLE, but it’s got the Figs all over it – Tom still plays horns and piano; I'm playing piano and accordion with a co-production role to boot. It is my job to get the thing made.

The DANGER ISLAND Double Album from MOLE