Where wolves fuck

My friend Patrick Ball turned me on to a wonderful piece of Serbian idiom: "Vukojebina," which literally means "where wolves fuck," but is used to denote any out-of-the-way place. Read the rest

Ewok tee

Silly Sockys's Etsy store is full of great, full-bleed tees with custom patterns, including this giga-cute Ewok shirt. (via Geekymerch) Read the rest

5 U.S. airports will begin screening travelers for Ebola

Federal officials today said that passengers arriving from West Africa will be screened for body temperature at five American airports. The first will be JFK in New York, as early as this weekend. Starting next week, travelers inbound from affected countries in Africa will also be screened at Washington Dulles International, O’Hare International, Hartsfield-Jackson International and Newark Liberty International. [NYT] Read the rest

Makeup artist transforms himself perfectly into various female celebrities

Paolo Ballesteros, a makeup artist and performer in the Philippines, transforms himself into celebrities and shares the results on Instagram: Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and others. Read the rest

Microsoft reboots

"Lucrative irrelevance" is the phrase Vanity Fair's Bethany McLean uses to elaborate Microsoft's future under Ballmer. With Ballmer gone, though, does new CEO Satya Nadella offer an alternative?

Gates and Nadella are adamant that’s not the case, and they are both adept at the sort of big-picture corporate-speak designed to persuade people that the company not only has its act together but also has a vision. In their view, this new world of unlimited computing power, where your devices can connect you anytime, anywhere, should rightfully belong to Microsoft. They even have a catchphrase: “Re-inventing productivity.”

How exciting. Read the rest

HTC's "Re", a tiny periscope camera

Pitched as an action camera for the rest of us, the $200 tiny Re pairs with Android and iOS smartphones and shoots 1080-lines video at 30fps, or 720-line video at 120fps.

It's a simple proposition of size and functionality. The Verge's Dan Seifert isn't terribly impressed.

HTC says the Re Camera is easier to use than your smartphone because you don't have to frame a shot or worry about opening a camera app before you take pictures. Its ultra-wide lens is supposed to capture everything in the scene for you, so you don't miss anything. And since you're not staring at your phone to take the pictures, you can still enjoy what's going on while you preserve memories for later.

But after using a pre-production version of the Re Camera, I'm not convinced that it's a better option than just using your smartphone to take pictures.

Read the rest

Incredibly detailed psychedelic chocolate skulls

Gorgeous culinary art by Ruth & Sira, illustrators and graphic designers from the north of Spain.

Fashion meets animal anatomy models: Lucia Giacani’s “Under My Skin” photo series

Italian fashion photographer Lucia Giacani’s “Under My Skin” series, originally shot for Vogue Italia. Read the rest

3D-printed paper airplane machine gun

This video from German paper airplane enthusiast site Papierfliegerei is pretty fantastic. Read the rest

Surfing Senegal: Discovering surf culture in a bustling West African coastal capital

With much of the world's attention focused on West Africa for other reasons today, it's a great time to remember that cool people are doing cool things there. Like the surf instructors and surfers in this short documentary about catching waves in Dakar, Senegal. Read the rest

Meet Orion, NASA's next-gen spacecraft: Trial by Fire

NASA’s newest spacecraft, Orion, will be launched into space for the first time in December 2014. Read the rest

Castelvania casemod

Vadu Amka gave his old-school SNES a stunning Castelvania casemod makeover, with an attention to detail that demands our respect and admiration.

SNES Castlevania - Dracula's castle Edition

(via Kotaku) Read the rest

Questions over quality of care provided to first Ebola patient to die in US

Could Thomas Eric Duncan's life could have been extended or saved if the Texas hospital where he first sought help took him in sooner?

Why WaPo's call for a "golden secure key" is stupid

They're just asking for backdoors in complete ignorance of the facts of computer security, writes Chris Coyne. Read the rest

The In Vitro Meat Cookbook

Unreal lab-grown oysters from "The In Vitro Meat Cookbook," a glorious exercise in recipes as design fiction from Next Nature. More over at re:form. Read the rest

Florida man test-drives a Porsche 2000+ miles. Sadly, he took a Panamera.

"It was a summer evening in 2011 when Crystal walked into Porsche of Destin with a check for $109,588.74 and left driving that year’s model Panamera automobile, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office report." (via) Read the rest

"Wearables Is Tough", says Google's "moonshots" chief

About to get tougher, too. Read the rest

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