FOUND: new musical based on the 'zine


Davy Rothbart's fantastic zine FOUND is now a musical playing at the Atlantic Theater Company, and BB pal Larry Smith gives it a rave review. Larry writes:

FOUND is the story of a shy Jewish kid named Davy Rothbart who accidentally creates FOUND Magazine, and the unexpected inspiration, humor and love the project brings people across the world. Like so many of the best projects out there, it's amazing it even got made and it's strange and totally wonderful.

At last night's show, no less a figure then Ira Glass (you know him as
Maury Kind) gushed after the show in the most erudite, Glass-ian way
about how inspired this unexpected magazine-to-musical adaptation is.
I too was floored, but could only come up with, "That was awesome,
dude," and that was not just the Jolly Rancher talking.

So go remember why you love weirdos like Davy and cities like New York
and see FOUND: The Musical before its run closes on Nov. 9.