Inviting all Eco-Futurists to Bioneers, Oct 17-19/Marin, with Kim Stanley Robinson

Josh writes, "Boing Boing readers and Eco-Futurists are invited to the 25th Annual Bioneers Summit Conference in Marin, CA, October 17-19. Enter BOING4BIONEERS at check out for an exclusive 25% discount!"

The theme of this year's 3-day conference is called Growing the Movement: The World We Want and How to Get There. The gathering will focus on practical solutions to the most urgent paradigm-shifting issues of the day.

* Eco-Futurist and best-selling science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson will be discussing his Eco-Futurist visions for surviving Climate Disruption.

* Famed mycologist Paul Stamets will be announcing major new breakthroughs in mushroom science research. Recall his earlier discoveries on the use of mushrooms for safe bio-remediation of Sarin Gas, Agent Orange and even petroleum in oil spills.

* The top leadership council of the Iroquois Nation, including Chief Oren Lyons, will be unveiling their new vertical urban agriculture business called Plantagon, using ancient First People's techniques. The revenue model for this business is being built to provide for the next Seven Generations to come, in keeping Native American tradition.

* Jeffrey Bronfman is giving a major talk about plant evolution and awareness and their uses in numerous spiritual and religious contexts (he won a famed battle at the US Supreme Court about same), followed by a talk by Australian evolutionary ecologist Monica Gagliano who will be speaking about plant intelligence.

And so much more!

25th Annual Bioneers Summit Conference

(Thanks, Josh!)