UNBOXING: $150 Kano computer


I took photos of the cute-looking Raspberry Pi powered Kano computer, which was made for kids to learn how to code their own music, games, and software. Jane and I will hook it up to the TV (it uses any HDMI device as a monitor) and let you know what we think.

Kano, the computer you build and code yourself, is now available for $149.99 (free shipping included). Kano has already been pre-ordered by over 18,000 parents, teachers, and kids from 86 different countries.

After raising $1.5 million on Kickstarter in 30 days, Kano found its sweet spot with young people aged 6 to 14. The company calls it a kit for "kids of all ages."

Kano comes with colorful, plug-and-play pieces to build your own personal computer and speaker. Built on top of the Raspberry Pi, Kano's hardware clicks together like Lego blocks. You're guided by illustrated storybooks (available in seven languages), which walk you through building and coding your own computer, music, games, and software.

Once built, users can make games like Pong and Snake, build wireless servers, synth beats and songs, invent massive Minecraft worlds with code, load up and explore hundreds of open-source apps, and much more. As you make and play on Kano, you earn points and level up your character. You can share your creations, earning glory with a global community of young makers. Over half a million lines of code have already been created and shared with Kano.