Mayday PAC will support indie for KS senate if supporters donate $200K by Monday

Brian writes, "The Mayday PAC is thinking of supporting the Independent candidate Greg Orman, who is running for Senate in Kansas against a lone Republican opponent. (The Democratic candidate withdrew); but we're only going to if we can raise $200k by midnight Monday."

"Some explanation came from the e-mail sent out by Mayday PAC:"

"We are now considering entering one final race. All eyes are on the Kansas Senate race. Greg Orman is an Independent — not a Republican, not a Democrat — and he could decide who controls the Senate. He is actively campaigning as a reformer against an entrenched incumbent who has taken millions from special interests.

Should we do this? If we raise $200,000 by Monday at 11:59pm, we will be in a place to firmly say: Yes, we're in."

Brian continues, "To me (and I have no inside knowledge of the board's decisions – I'm just a volunteer at this point) – this seems to be a test of whether or not Mayday PAC supporters think it is worth the risk of devoting resources an independent candidate, albeit one that is slightly ahead in the polls and which FiveThirtyEight gives a '67 percent chance' of Orman winning."

Help us hit $200k for Kansas