Decent cheap bluetooth headphones do not exist

Marco Arment says they all suck, but that the Sennheiser PX 210 BT suck least. Read the rest

Dead Set: Richard Kadrey's young adult horror novel

Richard Kadrey's brilliant young adult horror novel, in paperback just in time for All Hallow's. From my original review: Read the rest

Video: 87 Bounces

Brilliant short film by HOTU. Read the rest

Watch two new NASA spacewalks, live, over the next two weeks

Two astronauts and two cosmonauts are preparing for a pair of spacewalks over the next two weeks--and one of them is tomorrow, Wednesday, October 15. You can watch both spacewalks live on NASA TV, and coverage of the spacewalk will begin at 7 a.m. Eastern. Read the rest

Help queer pop culture convention Bent-Con cover its costs

Bent-Con is an annual gathering dedicated to LGBT films, comics, books and geekiness, celebrating its fifth anniversary this time around. Having grown from 500 attendees in 2010 to nearly 3500 last year, they've set up a modest Kickstarter to help offset their costs. If it reaches the $15k target, they'll knock out 1/4 of the convention fees--but with 24 hours left to go, only half the goal is covered.

Here's organizer Sean Maker's description of the event:

It’s sort of an “A to Z” in creativity, networking, opportunity and fandom -- a place where everyone takes center-stage and showcases whatever they’re up to creatively, expressing and sharing with an ever-growing audience. I personally like to think of BENT-CON as an annual celebration that is a welcoming and safe place for anyone—fan or professional—who believes everyone has a right to see themselves reflected in the things they love.

Bent-Con takes place 7-9th Nov at the Los Angeles Burbank Marriot Convention Center and one-day badges start coming with pledges at $20 and up. Panels this year include women who write queer characters, gay gamers' love of RPGs, and race and class in comics. Check out this year's guests and exhibitors. Read the rest

Adobe responds to scandalous news of secretly spying on readers (not really)

A week ago, Adobe was caught spying on people's reading habits -- they index all your books and send a full dossier to themselves, in the clear. Now, they've responded to the American Library Association (whose members are the major customers for this terrible stuff) by saying they'll say something next week. (Thanks, Jay!) Read the rest

Holly Herndon, “Home.” Music video on surveillance, overlaid with spy tech firm logos

Cyberpop assemblage of found textures and fragmented voices. This video from Holly Herndon looks like it came right out of one of Cory Doctorow's novels. Read the rest

Cognitive Dissonance about the FBI and NSA at 60 Minutes

60 Minutes, which has been harshly criticized for running puff pieces for the NSA and FBI recently, is at it again. Read the rest

Ticket Giveaway! LA music event, 10/18: The Relationship ft. Brian Bell of Weezer, and Gavin Turek

Come celebrate Halloween with a night of funky synthwave and disco on Saturday October 18 with us: Twilight Sessions at the Village Studios. Artists include The Relationship ft. Brian Bell of Weezer, Gavin Turek, Happy Hollows, and Misun. Read the rest

Whipped Cream spray angle test

Rob Cockerham says: "I enlisted my kids to help with a trial where I hoped to illustrate the optimum spray angle of whipped cream. I thought it would be 90 degrees, I was totally wrong." Read the rest

The textile art of Michelle Kingdom

“I create tiny worlds in thread to capture elusive yet persistent inner voices,” explains textile artist Michelle Kingdom:

Radiotopia: a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows

I love podcasts and radio shows that feature true stories. This American Life is the classic, but there are lots of other great ones. Last year Roman Mars, the creator and host of 99% Invisible (a great story-based show about the designed world), started a collective of storytelling shows, called Radiotopia. Now, PRX has launched a Kickstarter to support the growth and quality of "the best storytelling shows on the planet." Read the rest

Chicago's dirty trick to increase red-light camera fines

Like many other cities, Chicago uses red-light cameras to ensure traffic safety and to generate revenue from tickets issued to people who drive through red lights.

A recent investigation revealed the city of Chicago made a small but significant change to the time a yellow light changes to red. The Federal Department of Transportation recommends yellow lights of 3 to 6 full seconds in duration. Chicago's yellow lights are 2.9 seconds in duration. Chicago's short yellow lights resulted in more than 77,000 tickets and generated nearly 8M for the city.

Three days after the Chicago Tribune questioned city officials about the short yellow lights, the city suspended the practice on Sept. 22. Weeks later, city officials said they would end the practice--but they would keep the money.

Chicago Tribune | ABA Journal Read the rest

Audrey Kawasaki's Hello Kitty painting

Audrey Kawasaki painted Hi Kitty for the Hello Kitty exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, running until April 26, 2015. Thirty-nine other other artists also participated in the show. Read the rest

Monster leech swallows giant worm

"A giant red leech hunts down a 70cm long blue worm and sucks it down like spaghetti." Read the rest

LA bus passenger: "Don't mess with me, I have ebola."

Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies spent Monday searching for a man in a surgical mask who boarded a bus and told the driver, “Don’t mess with me; I have Ebola.” When he got off the bus, the man took off his mask and dropped it on the floor of the bus.

The bus driver kicked everyone off the bus and drove the bus to a yard, where both the bus and the driver were sequestered for two hours. The driver was taken to a local hospital where he was examined and released. The bus remained taped off until hazmat crews and officials concluded an investigation.

LA County Metro officials are reviewing surveillance video from inside the bus to help apprehend the man, and are treating the scare as a terrorist threat.

Reuters | LA Times

Read the rest

What’s in my bag? – Eric McClellan

My friend Eric McClellan, executive creative director of content and brand entertainment at Team Detroit, opened his travel bag to take photos and describe the stuff he takes with him on business trips. I want to get the VAPUR Element 1L Water Bottle and the Preparation H Totables Wipes asap. Read the rest

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