The lost cyber-crayolas of the mid-1990s

Circuit board green, cyber space orange, floppy yellow, graphic green,, infra red, megabyte blue, megahertz maroon, on-line orange, plug & play pink, point & click green, transistor yellow, ultra violet, web surfin' blue, world wide web yellow, www.purple.

Late in the year Crayola put out a couple other “Brite” specialty sets. Their Star Brite set didn’t contain color names on the wrappers although they did have their own special wrapper designs. But the Techno Brite set did have unique color names specifically associated with technology. Once again though, the true colors were simply existing colors. Originally, they came in an 8-color and 16-color assortment. They used a fancy embossed design for the original run and upon reprint they changed that to a normal four-color print using the same design for the box. A couple of years later (in 1999) there was a 6-color Smucker’s Jam promo box that had Techno Brites but they weren’t anything different.

The Definitive History of the Colors of Crayola

(via Pipedream Dragon)