Nebraska state senator's bill would make churches pay property tax

Ernie Chambers, a long-serving, African-American state senator, has proposed a bill that would strike the word "religious" from the list of groups that are property-tax-exempt.

Chambers is immensely popular and handily won his latest election campaign. Though the bill is unlikely to pass, he's hinted that he'll make it a rider on other bills that are more viable. He's written a striking statement of intent to accompany his bill:

The Governor and candidates for governor have said that "everything should be on the table." If taxes were paid on the many churches and cathedrals and temples in every city in this State, perhaps the State's assistance to local governments and schools would be diminished considerably — leaving more in State coffers for other purposes.

Religious people say they want to carry out the directives of Jesus who said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's," when he was asked whether taxes should be paid to Caesar.

In short: "PAY YOUR TAXES."

This bill simply carries out what Jesus wanted to see his followers do, and they certainly want to see the Scriptures fulfilled.

Nebraska's Atheist State Senator Introduces Bill That Would Force Churches to Pay Property Taxes [Hemant Mehta/Friendly Atheist]