San Francisco: Tested, the theatrical experience


Our pals at Tested — Adam Savage, Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jamie Hyneman — are bringing their site to the stage for Tested: The Show on Saturday, October 25, at San Francisco's historic Castro Theatre.

It's part of the Bay Area Science Festival starting later this week. From Tested:

…Enjoy an afternoon of fantastic homebrew projects, demonstrations of exciting new technologies, and conversations with makers about new frontiers of innovation. The show will also include a live recording of Adam Savage's interview series The Talking Room, with the head of Google (x), Astro Teller!


Jamie and his mechanical spider

Adam Savage interviewing head of Google(x) – Astro Teller

Virtual bomb defusal in Oculus Rift

High speed camera demos with Norm and Will

3D Printing of an audience member

Roman Mars of 99% Invisible

Frank Ippolito making a real life costume

and much more…

Tested: The Show