African Kings: Portraits of a Disappearing Era

Let us enter a world we had no idea existed, a curious scene that is fast disappearing, a culture significantly remote from our own experiences to truly be exotic, but one that is also mythical in appeal and grandly spectacular. Enter here, through this book, to visit the remaining Kings of Africa. They are splendid! Over-the-top! Surrounded by their full court and entourages of hundreds. But sometimes these kings are impoverished, the last faded descendants of a royal line living in a one-room apartment. Or they may be the isolated neglected chief of a once great tribe. Still they will wear their full regalia and stand with dignity. They are, after all, royalty. Each signifies a people, a distinct culture, with its own unique traditions. We owe these remarkable visions to one relentless and stubborn Frenchman who tracked the kings and queens and badgered them for decades until they agreed to be documented. This is a true sourcebook for otherness.

African Kings: Portraits of a Disappearing Era by Daniel Lane

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