'Interstellar' VFX give new insights into black holes

Wired has an interesting look at how the science behind Interstellar helped Caltech astrophysicist Kip Thorne develop new peer-reviewed papers on the science of black holes.

Director Christopher Nolan brought in Thorne to ensure the depiction of black holes adhered closely to the current mathematical models.


Nolan was pleased to discover they produced understandable visual depictions of the phenomenon: "We had determined when we started down this road that if it didn't look like something that would be comprehensible to the audience, we would have to manipulate it in some way, but what we found was that as long as we didn't change point of view too much and the camera position, we could get some very very understandable, tactile imagery from those equations."

• The Science of Interstellar (Wired)