Aaron Swartz day Nov 8, at the Internet Archive and worldwide

Lisa Rein writes, "This year's annual Aaron Swartz Day event is happening Saturday, November 8th at 6pm at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. The reception starts at 6pm, and activities are going on straight through until 10:30 pm."

Brian Knappenberger, Director of "The Internet's Own Boy," will be there in person, screening the film, at 8pm, and doing Q and A with the audience afterwards.

From 7-8pm, you'll see a fast-paced line-up of 7 speakers providing a series of Aaron-related updates, including: Garrett Robinson and James Dolan (SecureDrop), Cindy Cohn (EFF Legal Director — CFAA Reform), Kevin Poulsen (Journalist — FOIA case that MIT intervened in), and Daniel Purcell (Keker & Van Nest, one of Aaron's lawyers).

The event takes place on the heels of the first day of the Aaron Swartz International Hackathon, which is taking place on November 8th and 9th all over the world. (So far, in Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, Houston, Kathmandu, Magdeburg, New York, Oakland, Oxford, and San Francisco.)

Invitation to Aaron Swartz Day 2014

(Thanks, Lisa!)